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IP, Outsourcing & Data Flows

According to the WIPO, and leading analysts, including Morgan Stanley, intangible assets have been leading the way on a massive economic shift for the last 20 years. For example, they have come to represent more than 80% of the assets on the S&P 500 Index companies' balance sheets.

After Apple overtook Saudi Aramco in 2020 as the world's most valuable company the now cliched claim about data being the new oil rang true on a whole new level. Still, big, yet raw, data would be little worth without the clever tools to put it to work, AI being at the top of the list.

The increasingly complex interplay of data, code and business models of operation calls for new generation legislation, which is technologically neutral (to vet against its instantaneous moral aging), and underpinned by balanced public policies, human rights considerations, and legal tradition.

From international copyright treaties through fundamental rights of privacy and data protection to unevenly harmonised various IPR legal frameworks in the EU, we appreciate the big picture. We follow closely the evolving court practice on both sides of the Atlantic and the myriad legislative developments which codify it to keep our clients from the data-intensive technology industries ahead of their game.

We advise on outsourcing exercises, IP audits, trademark portfolio management, and system integration/software development. We take our clients from the payment and technology, consumer electronic, and pharmaceutical industries through the GDPR bottlenecks. We break-down data localisation and digital trade abstractions into comprehensive action plans and help our clients implement them. We encourage our clients to identify, frame, and protect their best-kept secrets and their innovation power to maximise their growth potential and keep their competitive advantage.

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