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Technology & Commercial

The business is in Industry 4.0 mode. Companies worldwide adopt digital transformation - to gain a competitive edge at first and recently – as a business continuity strategy.

Digital technologies and software development are a potent growth driver in the CEE region and Bulgaria is no exception. Automotive parts, light machinery, and consumer electronics are all fast-moving sectors with a global chain of supplies.

From mapping risk and liability in complex deals to preparing the end-client documentation and licensing agreements, we meet the day-to-day needs of our clients in the technology sector. We tap into our commercial drafting skills polished in many international projects and maintain a sharp focus on European court practice and legislative developments in contract law.

However, no drafting skills will be of much use unless we put enough effort into getting to know our client’s business. We ask questions. We read. And, whenever possible, we use the product or watch all demos available. We do not shun technical terms and never stop learning. This is the life of a technology lawyer and we like it that way.

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