act legal covers most of the largest European business centres

Financial & Payment Services

We have the financial & payment sector at heart. This is our native field and our team is a go-to option for complex legal scans, licensing exercises and sector-specific litigation

For the last 20 years and after 2008 – especially so, the regulatory finance framework has become increasingly difficult to navigate. Our team has the necessary context, industry insight and comparative legal prowess to deliver superior legal advice. Having been present on this market for longer than most, we can always tap into our trusted network for external experts in information security, technology, and financial management.

We have worked for traditional and challenger banks, global technology players/card schemes, venture funds, AIFs, UCITs, investments firms, managing companies, payment processing operators, crypto and energy exchanges, and derivative and FX traders. We get referral from market leaders in the payment field on a regular basis.

From full client documentation to passportisation, our team provides seamless, end-to-end service to startups and global leaders with a local footprint. In the competitive world of paytech and digital assets and identity, this requires constantly being aligned with the outer borders of financial sector’s soft law and regulations. We have managed to meet this challenge consistently since 2003.

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