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Regulatory / Advisory: Algorithm Regulations/AI

Comprehensive algorithmic regulation in the EU may never become the norm. Yet, pending the outcome from the consultations on possible adjustments of the EU regulatory framework relating to AI, our team consistently advises our clients active in this space based on the existing legal regime.

To the extent AI combines CPU with access to data and the use of algorithms, obviously all norms pertinent to data flows, privacy and IP in the digital space are applicable. Contracts concerning the manufacturing, deployment or utlisation of AI must all be drafted with the divergent EU-wide IP and liability national regimes in mind. Our team possesses the rare in-depth and comprehensive knowledge to advise on matters concerning the lawful use of AI and algorithms in the EU. Among our clients are natural language processing, text and data mining and facial recognition technology companies; we provide day-to-day advice on issues involving automation and profiling based on personal data in labour context. Our civil law capabilities align with our profound understanding of the way algorithms operate and interact with data to yield granular and articulate analysis of liability allocation between the various actors depending on the industry and level of risk associated with the use of respective algorithm.

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