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Regulatory / Advisory: AML/KYC

The speed of the capital is such that anti-money laundering rules are here to stay, becoming more and more stringent each day.

The EU Anti-money laundering directive changed a lot - the parties that it covers, the types of the checks one has to make, the regular updates of the information, etc.
Since 2018 Bulgaria is speedily increasing its levels of AML measures. The topic is hot, opening a bank account is not what it used to be and almost every business operation is covered by the AML rules.
Our lawyers, led by Ivana Bliznakova, CFE, are well prepared to navigate you in the sea of measures and regulations. We can draft your company's internal rules, advice you on the enhanced customer due diligence your company has to apply or simply explain you the pitfall of the AML law and its regulations.
Businesses like financial services, real estate, insurance, legal services, etc. have to apply internal measures for assessing clients' source of funds, politically exposed managers and beneficial owners, origin of wealth.

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