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Litigation: Civil Litigation

If you want peace, prepare for war

No one likes going to court but when you have to, better have a quality counsel with you.
For the past 15 years we have litigated a ton of commercial, administrative and civil law cases. We have successfully protected the interests of multinational companies having business in Bulgaria or of the natural persons leading the court battle of their life. We will advise you on the best injunctions you can rely on and the best time to request them.
When we litigate we never save details or risks to the client - she must know all pitfalls and potential weak grounds in the strategy before we enter the battlefield.
Litigation is a long process and parties are always tired in the end. Hence if a beneficial settlement is possible we would advise our clients to take her chances.
Together with the state litigation we are fully prepared to protect your interest before the existing arbitration panels in Bulgaria.

Once the litigation is over and you win, we will help to collect your award and/or execute your decision including outside Bulgaria.

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