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Transactional: Commercial Contracts

Commercial law and contracts are the backbone of every corporate operation. Recent developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that provisions usually referred to as "boilerplate language", like hardship and force majeure turned out to be essential under the circumstances.

Besides, the diverse legal systems of the European countries necessitate local expertise to gain confidence that an important contract will hold in court, on top of Rome I Regulation providing some certainty on applicable law in intra-EU relationships. With UK supposedly falling back on international trade agreements at the end of 2020, the legal rules of trans-border exchange of goods and services with the continent needs to be reviewed with added vigilance. Furthermore, UK law is expected to simultaneously go back on its convergence with EU law and become less of a preferred choice for international trade agreements.
Our commercial lawyers have international training in addition to their local qualifications and have been a part of numerous multinational exercises requiring the review of commercial contracts.
Among others, we have accumulated expert knowledge in advising on:

  • Partnership/Joint Venture Agreements
  • Cobranding / Co-development Agreements
  • Outsourcing of Strategic Functions Agreements
  • Fabrication / Manufacturing / Development Agreements
  • Operation and Maintenance Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Engineering / Procurement / Construction Agreements
  • Commercial Agency and Distribution Agreements
  • Supply Chain Agreements
  • Corporate Guarantee Agreements
  • Profit Sharing Agreements
  • Documentary / Source Code Escrow Agreements
  • Off-take and Product Commercial Sale Agreements
  • Various Framework Model Agreements, e.g. ISDA, FIDIC, GAFTA
  • Agreements incorporating INCOTERMS clauses
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