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Litigation: Cross-Border Disputes

Our international partners call upon our litigators on the evolution of matters with Bulgarian connection which have not gone as planned. Vice versa, our Bulgarian clients oftentimes look to us for support and guidance when they need to address issues, they have encountered in their cross-border trades.

In the latter case we work closely with established law firms across Europe and in the US to carry our clients' point across in the most efficacious and cost-sensitive manner. Litigating on relationships with e.g. UK companies requires wider private international law review given that these relationships are threatened to fall back on the WTO arrangements with which our litigation team is well acquainted. Within the EU, we keep a keen focus on the development of the court practice under the Rome and Brussels legal framework and the increased importance of EU law for the bilateral trade and disputes in Europe especially after the Achmea decision. Our lawyers are fully aware that in 2020 it is not possible to remain with purely local competence and yet provide comprehensive legal advice to international clients – this is where our foreign professional training and experience in cross-border projects with global players comes in handy.

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