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Transactional: Crypto assets

From an asset class known only to hipsters and software engineers crypto is slowly turning mainstream. We saw the potential and started developing our legal crypto practice years ago.

Wether we were sought for a legal review of an ICO whitepaper or whether we were asked to assess if a particular crypto asset constitutes a financial instruments or e-money, our crypto legal practice has grown steadily. Currently we are often asked to navigate clients through the strormy seas of MiFID II, PSD 2 and now, as if this was not enough, the proposed regulation on markets in crypto-assets. We find the new EU regulation to be a gamechanger- attracting more institutional and consumer interest, and hence more legal conundrums.
We have also advised some of the biggest crypto exchanges on the need to get licensed in EU if they are willing to continue listing crypto assets which resembel stablecoins and financial instruments.

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