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Regulatory / Advisory: Environmental Law

Environmental Law infiltrates an array of business areas - from planning and construction, M&A transactions in the industrial sector to energy law and trading in consumer electronics, advisors must have a wide knowledge and an acute sense for potential environmental issues.

Our environmental law expertise is gained in large infrastructure and energy projects with complex permitting schedules intersecting with Nature 2000 zones.

We have advised clients from various industrial sectors, including automotive, natural resources and energy producers on a range of environmental issues. The complexity and variety of environmental regulations require prior knowledge and very good understanding of the client's business operations/development plants.

Our lawyers have evaluated and predicted the legality of environmental permits, assessed the risk from environmental damage claims due to legacy (privatisation) issues, drafted liability and price adjustment clauses in M&A agreements on environmental grounds.

One third of Bulgaria's territory falling into the Nature 2000 network category, any new construction in freshly regulated land or large-scale project in the vicinity of protected zones must be carefully examined against possible environmental law challenges as early as possible to avoid losses and slowdowns. Our construction, regulatory and financing experts work hand-in-hand with our environmental lawyers to procure the smooth realisation of investment plans.

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