act legal covers most of the largest European business centres

Transactional: Flow of Capital / Foreign Direct Investment

Over the years our team has been involved in a wide range of change-of-ownership transactions. We represent global companies and mid-size firms in various industries, such as energy, IT, financial services, auto-parts, commercial real estate, etc.

Our clients tell us about their business goals, and we propose the appropriate strategy to best achieve them. We are used to handling all aspects of corporate restructuring - upstream/downstream mergers, spin-offs and splits, shares' buybacks, and convertible bonds issues.
Our lawyers carry out a broad range of legal scans to support the core transaction team in keeping the new EU FDI screening regulations and competition requirements and applicable thresholds of merger clearance in check.
In heavily regulated industries such as energy and financial services we map all requisite licensing/regulatory approvals and coordination procedures to the transaction's time schedule and financial action plan to avoid delays or obstacles.
Our lawyers have successfully represented our global corporate clients in contentious matters against the Bulgarian state. Whenever politics takes the best of the rule of law and constitutional guarantees it is important to have a strong investor-state dispute settlement strategy to get things straight and safeguard the client's ROI. This remains important even on intra-EU level after the Achmea Decision. Our litigation and arbitration lawyers are actively following the developments in this field to be able to advise our clients.

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