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Litigation: IP Disputes

Аuthoritative sources on the distribution of corporate wealth attribute 70% of the balance sheet value of the publicly traded companies worldwide in 2020 to intangible assets. Apple hit the USD 2tn market cap in the summer of 2020. The global ranking of publicly traded companies by market capitalization is heavily dominated by the technology companies according to Financial Times Global 500.

The world economy follows suit, and the pandemic effect is set to further strengthen this trend. At the heart of the technology sector's success is intellectual property and its protection becomes more important than almost any other litigation in the 21st century. Since the fastest moving industry sector in Bulgaria is again technology, and Bulgarian economy is an open type, these global trends affect us you too. We are witnessing a mentality shift in leaders and entrepreneurs on the local market where their drive to protect the IP crown jewels is stronger than ever.
IP law (except for trademarks, and, to a certain extent, patents) remains predominantly local and national expertise in the context of EU law is vital to an effective protection strategy. Our expertise in IP and IP related disputes runs deep and contextual and we are fully equipped to support your defence strategy or prelitigation research and negotiation efforts. Among others, we cover the following areas:

  • Trademark Infringement
  • Bad Faith Misuse of Trademarks
  • Copyright Misuse (e.g. in source code or architectural plans related disputes)
  • Cybersquatting / Domain Name litigation
  • Trademark Opposition Claims Handling
  • IP validity and Ownership Disputes
  • Open Source Infringement / Borderline Disputes
  • Unfair competition, Predatory Pricing and Abuse of Dominant Position claims
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