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Litigation: IT & Software Development Projects Disputes

Our everyday work in the technology sector exposes us to a lot of disputes which could have easily been avoided with sound and educated contract drafting.

That said, many clients assigning the development of platforms, complex websites and applications cut back on legal costs in the beginning and maximise them at the end of the project. We provide prelitigation advice to developers and technology companies dealing with sub-contractors, organise and provide the legal input to source code audit exercises, advise on the compatibility of OSS licences, and provide post-litigation advice with respect to the voluntary compliance with court decisions, and draft hand-over protocols and procedures. We draft settlement agreements mit-project to address missing or poor change control mechanisms and offer safeguards to vet their performance. Our work in the litigation realm spans from maintenance agreements through data protection addendums, joint controllership liability issues, IT outsourcing and technology licensing disputes, or copyright and trademark violation claims.

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