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Regulatory / Advisory: Labour Disputes

No matter how innovative your business is, unless you hire only robots, chances are that you will have labour law issues. And our labour practice is among the strongest.
Our clients include medium and large companies from industries such as: aircraft, construction, IT outsourcing, pharma, banking, etc.

We always advise our corporate clients not to underestimate the labour law pitfalls - working time, safe and healthy working conditions, legally stable labour contracts (not copied US law versions), clear and concise labor orders, easy to understand internal procedures, retention of labor files, how to hire and fire, etc.

As a rule of thumb, an employee's financial liability is limited, except where a greater compensation can be achieved, or the covenants are not in conflict with any mandatory labor legal rule or the good morals. Thus, the employer may be challneged to win a compensation case, without expert legal support – terminating restrictions, competition or trade secrets.

Unfair treatment of employees and any form of discrimination could also raise serious concerns for an employer; thus, our team is advising a step forward before a dispute raise.

Among all, our expertise covers:

  • Disputes on disciplinary sanctions/ dismissals / protection against dismissal of certain categories of employees
  • Disputes on reimbursement by the employee of expenses and compensations under qualification contracts
  • Disputes in respect of payment of overtime, professional diseases and labor accidents, delayed remunerations, and compensations.
  • Disputes in respect of outsourcing or posting of employees and employer-employer or employer- employee financial claim thereof.
  • Unfair competition during a labor relationship
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