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Regulatory / Advisory: MiFIDII/Investment Firms

Any novice to the financial services in the EU may find its regulation challenging at best. Gladly, we have been advising Bulgarian and international investment firms and managing companies for nearly 20 years and are able to effortlessly follow the MiFIDII iterations.

We have licensed investment firms and asset managing companies, helped them adjust to intense client protection schemes, drafted full set of client documentation, and represented our clients in contentious matters. Our deep knowledge of the investment services regulation helps high net-worth and corporate clients to address any contentious issues in a balanced and reasonable manner vis-à-vis investment services providers. We draft introducing broker agreements, assist our clients in the legal aspects of AI, robo advice and algorithmic trading and assist in passporting their services across the EU. Our licensing and regulation experts help minimise the bureaucratic burden of investment intermediaries yet mitigating the complex regulatory risk stemming from e.g. own products manufacturing, own account trading and negative protection balance for FX accounts in the EU. We help drafting the playbook for tied agents and advise on outsourcing of critical functions. From omnibus accounts deployment to capital adequacy rules deciphering, our MiFID/CRR team makes sure our heavily regulated clients are always covered.

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