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Regulatory / Advisory: Migration and Labour Permits

World is moving despite Covid-19. Whether it is legal assistance with labor permits for foreigners or solving migration issues - we know it all.

From the different types of residence permits to the applications for Bulgarian citizenship, our lawyers can help you to solve your migration issues. Communication with Bulgarian migration officials can be quite an issue. We know what type of residence permit you are looking for and what will best suit your purposes. We will giude from the moment you are about to enter the Bulgarian embassy for Visa d, to the moment you obtain the respective residence permit.

Labor permits
Being a leading outsourcing and near-shoring destination we see a lot of foreign labor force in Bulgaria. Our labor law practice inevitable includes solving migration issues such as EU and non_EU national labor law permits, blue cards, market tests for proving the lack of the necessary labor force, etc. We work closely with our clients' HR departments since clients prefer to involve us from the beginning of their Bulgarian business. of includes.

Citizenship by investment
Unless you receive a proper legal advice on the type of investment and all caveats which you have to meet, your goal of obtaining the desired EU citizenship may turn out a nightmare. Among our clients are companies which provide citizenship by investment services and natural persons who are aiming to be come citizens. We can successfully navigate your business plan.

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