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Litigation: Real Estate Disputes

We are here to protect your property rights in court.

Once it has come do that, you need a lawyer who will correctly assess your chances of winning and act decisively and swiftly based on thorough research of the situation to protect your interests.
Throughout the years we have noticed several repeated mistakes from our foreign clients when purchase property in Bulgaria:

  • lack or incomplete legal due diligence of the real estate
  • lack of safeguards in the company's incorporation deed and a room for maneuver of the manager to sell the property without owners' consent
  • public liabilities of the seller of the real estate which may cause trouble for the purchaser.

We have always warned our clients - if they are going to spend hundred thousand EUR or more for a real estate, better make full necessary prior investigation so not be sorry later.
And remember - real estate brokers are not lawyers.

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