act legal covers most of the largest European business centres

Transactional: Public Offerings & Private Placements, EU Covered Bonds, and the EU Recovery Prospectus

Our long-standing presence in the legal services to capital markets sector helps us make sense of the increasingly harmonised and regulated sector of securities offerings.

Whether you are planning an actual IPO, want to be listed on one of the EU Growth Markets (BEAM in Bulgaria), or are raising funds as a private company and want to know what your options are not to end up making a public offering, we have you covered. The dust from the rules of the New Prospectus regulation has barely settled in and we are looking at a new set of proposed changes – this time to alleviate the regulatory burden on business participants who are seeking to raise capital and overcome the consequences from the Covid-19 crisis. Regardless how complicated the regulatory landscape is, we have the necessary industry insight and historical context to provide efficient and customised advice.

The digitisation of the financial products over the last decade has brought new challenges to the lawyers active in this field. Our experts follow closely the regulatory developments in the digital finance sector. Leaning in on our legacy expertise in the financial services it is less of a challenge to us to draw the fine line between service tokens, securities, and e-money; we routinely offer advice in the cross-over of these sectors helping our clients make sense of the complex regulatory landscape and meet their compliance obligations as they emerge.

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