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Regulatory / Advisory: Public-Private Real Estate Construction

Oftentimes P3 is the only manner, in which large infrastructure or communal/technical grid construction projects can be realised. Having implemented landmark projects for international energy and real estate corporate investors, we combine the background knowledge of how government and municipal agencies operate with our deep understanding of the client's business to identify risks and possibilities. Our hands-on approach makes sure to implement the clients' strategic decisions based on comprehensive due diligence.

  • Public-Private Partnerships are a practical way for the state and municipalities to share the financial burden and risk related to creating infrastructure and public assets. To avoid successful challenges of such transaction, which are often subject to complex and diverse regulations, the project's structure must be legally robust.

  • Public tenders/bidding procedures
    Our team has spent many hours advising on investors' participation in various tenders and public procurement initiatives. The enhanced control from the EU agencies and the introduction of an electronic platform are expected to speed up and increase the transparency of bidding along with the judicial control by the Supreme Administrative Court.

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