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Transactional: Public Procurement & Infrastructure

Our team provides ongoing legal support to the planning, permitting and construction of elaborate technical infrastructure for projects with both municipal and private participation.

We are accustomed to providing legally for the approving and application of a detailed zoning plan for road/grid/other communal infrastructure construction endeavours and the subsequent ownership acquisition of the infrastructure by the municipality. One of our more prominent efforts in the field was to extent full legal support to one of the largest logistics and commercial real estate park in Sofia, complete with the construction of temporary roads and amendments to Sofia's cadaster map in the park's area.

The transparency and level-playing field alongside independent judicial system are of primary importance for Foreign Direct Investment, especially in the field of public procurement. The digitisation of the public procurement procedures is expected to create more trust and make the public procurement sector more accessible to a wide range of companies. Throughout this process, the integrity and competence of the procurement candidate's legal advisor will be of primary importance.

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