act legal covers most of the largest European business centres

Our Story

Like a clockwork

Our management team works together since 2004. From startups to multinational companies, and across industries – KDBM lawyers have proved to be among the top Bulgarian legal advisers.


Just like life, the law is a living thing. Yesterday's legal taboos can be the norm of tomorrow. To excel and stay on top of our game, we continuously learn and adapt.

Custom and practical

We know that businesses are different and there is no silver bullet. Our clients receive tailormade assistance, appropriate for the case at hand. It does not matter if we cater to a newborn idea or assist a multimillion business – we focus on the issue, discuss it from all angles and suggest practical solutions.

We follow-up on the implementation: bugs must be removed and workflows adjusted.

With KDBMLaw, you will find international-level lawyers with an in-depth professional touch. Yet, our advice also focuses on saving money and time, while keeping legal and regulatory risk at bay.

To the point

We speak your language: we strive to understand what makes your business tick. Legalese is not the parlance you will hear from us.

Trusted partner

As an independent law firm, we can afford to be as flexible as our clients need and as creative as the business requires it. We have a wider network to tap into: having earned the trust of some of the top-notch EU law firms, you can rely on us to orchestrate advice across the EU, if your business needs it.